The way to get hired is changing, Social Media is an important part of this.

The way to get hired is changing.
Are you being Googled? Yes you are.
You must market yourself as you would a business or Product.

The recruitment industry is changing. Hiring managers are becoming much more savvy and you’re being Googled by them right now.
Here’s what you need to do:
1.  Google yourself and see what you find. If you have an open Facebook profile then change your privacy settings. Are there some damaging images or comments that arise?
2.  Are you using Twitter? Remember, hiring managers can see this (unless you have protected your tweets). Use Twitter to connect with others in your industry and further your professional network.
3.  Ever thought about starting your own blog? It’s a good idea. You can really set yourself apart within your industry by giving your unique thoughts on what is happening out there. Hiring managers will be instantly drawn to you.

With so many things to be aware of in this new recruitment dawn, we are going to be helping you along this new path.
Marketing you is as important as marketing abusiness or product!

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